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Uncharted Territory--a paranormal erotic romance series featuring sexy duo Bethany Colton and Josh Ryder.

 Stars of the successful television show that travels the world in search of the truth behind legends, myths and all things unexplained, the world's sexiest paranormal team is considered fearless by their fans. There is only one thing that they're secretly afraid 

 Each book in the series contains two episodes filled with adventure, mystery and erotic exploration. 

 In Book One, Bermuda Triangle and Stanley Hotel Episodes. Josh and Bethany are swept into a whirlwind of adventure in another dimension while exploring the Bermuda Triangle during the first episode. In the second episode, the team is tormented by jealous ghosts in the Stanley Hotel. 

In Book Two: Alcatraz and the Winchester Mystery House Episodes. The team faces a demonic presence that feeds on guilt while investigating the hauntings of Alcatraz. Then they are swept into an alternate timeline while lost in the maze of the famous Winchester Mystery House. 

In Book Three: Island of the Dolls and Mayan Cave Episodes. Josh is captivated by the spirit of a little girl--or is it a demon? Afterward, the team travels to Belize where they entranced by the spirits of Mayan shaman while investigating an underground river. 

 **An ongoing series, Uncharted Territory will publish two episodes every other month. Each book contains sexually explicit situations.