Collection of paranormal erotic short stories...

A ghostly mariner haunting the shores of Ireland...a bounty hunter who gets more than he bargained for with his bail jumper...a bar owner who's pleasantly surprised by her 'last call' customers... and a judge who finds himself at the mercy of a witchy Dominatrix with secrets of her own...Daydreams: a collection of paranormal erotic short stories. Escape the madness of the world, indulge your naughty side, and get lost in Daydreams.

**sexually explicit, paranormal, and some dark themes**



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Here's a taste of the Mariner, Story 1 (adult content excerpt) 
Fin set his glass aside and rose to his knees. Resting his hands on her thighs, he stared up at her. "You're a good person. You saw goodness in him because that's what's in your heart. You wanted to believe."

"And you? Do I want to believe you're good, too?"

"I'm not good." He took the glass from her hand and placed it on the table next to the chair.

"No?" Her heartbeat slammed against her ribcage.

"I have a penance to pay," he whispered before standing and sliding his lips over hers. "Do you see good in me?"

She nodded, once again transfixed by the pinpricks of electricity snapping between them at the slightest contact.

"After all you've been through, you still see goodness in a stranger. Don't ever lose that," he said. "I've missed talking to someone. You have no idea how lonely it's been."

She frowned, wondering how a man like this could ever be lonely or sad or lost. Her fingers curled into the thickness of his hair and held on tight. Good or bad no longer had meaning when his mouth possessed hers.

Wanting to stay wrapped in his warmth rather than discussing painful details of their pasts, she pressed upwards against him until he stood and pulled her with him. Eyes locked on one another's, they walked sideways to the narrow staircase leading to the bedroom. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She linked her ankles behind his hip and kissed his neck as he carried her upstairs.

As soon as her feet hit the floor in the bedroom, she pushed his chest until he fell backward against the mattress. Grinning, she peeled the sweater off of him and tossed it into the corner. If she had her way—which she intended to have—he'd remain naked for the rest of the day. While her fingers unsnapped his pants and pushed them down over his rising cock, she kissed and nibbled his flat abdomen.

With him, she forgot the anxiety that had run her life for weeks. She lost herself in the energy zapping off of his skin, the rich baritone of his voice, and the heat emanating from his kiss.

She couldn't rip off her clothes fast enough. Grabbing his throbbing penis in her hand, she looked him in the eye and allowed the power of the moment to register in her brain. Standing over him, his cock in her hand, pre-cum already shining on the tip, his thighs locked between hers, and his chest rising with bated breath, she knew she had full control.

"You're not going to be leaving for any walks for the rest of the day." She cupped his balls.

"No? Do you have other plans for me then?"

She answered by licking the length of his dick from balls to tip. When his fingers pulled on her hair, she took him into her mouth and enjoyed the way he filled her up until he pressed against the back of her throat.

Like the sea that slammed against the cliffs outside the cottage, being with him made her feel untamed and limitless.

She slid her mouth from his cock, over his abdomen, and across the scars marring his chest until they were lip-to-lip and eye-to-eye. Whispers of caution stirred in her mind, telling her that he would disappear, that this would be as fleeting as the raindrops sliding down the windows, but she didn't care.

She lowered onto his cock—easing him inch-by-inch inside her—and ravaged his mouth with tongue.

His fingers sank into her hips, pushing her even tighter against him until he was so deep inside that she knew she'd feel him for days to come. He rocked upward, his hands squeezing her ass and teeth tugging at her lower lip.

She arched her head back, letting her hair fall across her face, and slammed her cunt over his cock again and again. His hands moved from her ass to her tits where he squeezed them hard until she whimpered with pain. He bit her shoulder as she climaxed with a scream that rivaled the howling winds outside.

In one move, he turned her onto her back, held her legs over his shoulders, and continued to slam his cock inside her. His thumb played with her clit while her body shuddered from orgasm. Between his cock slamming into her clenching cunt and his fingers on her clit, she started to roll toward another climax while coming off the first one.

She clenched the sheets at her side and arched upward, no longer in control of her body as it quaked with pleasure. His lips were on her nipple again, devouring her as if she'd been put on earth to please him.

He slipped a finger in her mouth before sliding his cock from her wet pussy. Hot breath moved along her neck before he twisted her body around so that her face pushed against the mattress. Using his thumb, he pressed against her ass while he used his knees to spread her legs wide. He nipped his way down her spine.

She pressed her butt backward against him, wanting him to fill her once again, not caring how he did it as long as he fucked her again and again.

He held her hips firm with one hand and slipped the tip of his dick inside her. His other hand reached around to torment her clit.

She rocked with him, lost in the sensations of being thoroughly fucked and manhandled.

He muttered words she couldn't understand as he eased in and out of her.

Once again, waves of ecstasy consumed her body until she screamed against the sheets against her face. Before the pleasure subsided, he flipped her over and climbed on top of her.

He kissed her—long and hard—and rammed himself deep into her pussy again until he finally quaked with release. He moaned into her mouth, his fingers finding their way to hers where they linked.

Words whispered against skin. The scent of burning wood wafted upstairs and the fire's warmth wrapped around their naked limbs entwined together on top of the sheets. Rain tip-tapped against the roof while wind shook the windows. All the worries of the world disappeared as days blended together in a haze of whiskey and passion. 

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